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Anti-theft carabiner Chaft HELMET LOCK with combination

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The Chaft Model Lock T Anti-Theft Helmet Hook with Combination is a device designed to protect your helmet from theft when not in use.

  1. 4-Digit Combination : The device features a 4-digit combination mechanism that allows the user to set a custom code to protect the helmet.

  2. Versatility of use : The carabiner is large enough to attach to tubes, grab bars and other parts of the motorcycle, offering multiple options for attaching the helmet securely.

  3. Special "T" Shaped Insert : A special "T" shaped insert is provided which can be used to slide into the helmet's quick release locks, offering additional protection against theft.

  4. Advanced Security : With 10,000 possible combinations, the device offers advanced security against attempts to force the combination.

  5. Ease of Use : The anti-theft hook is designed to be simple to use, allowing the user to secure and unlock the helmet quickly and efficiently.

  6. Short-stop protection : It is especially useful during short stops, allowing riders to leave their helmet on the bike without worrying about it being stolen.


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