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Aventurx Club

Welcome to the new loyalty program

You too can become part of the brand new Aventurx program dedicated to our most loyal customers.
Aventurx Club is much more than just a loyalty program. By purchasing products from your favorite brands you will accumulate points which will allow you to access early discounts, exclusive products and much more. Being part of the Club is not for everyone. And what are you waiting for, start accumulating points and be the first to get the exclusive physical card.



One step at a time, towards adventure!


Now you feel the call of adventure!


No challenge is too big for you!


Where others dare, you arrive first!

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Start earning points and unlocking great rewards with our loyalty program


All people who have made a purchase by leaving their details or who register with their email on the aventurx.com website have access to the loyalty program.

The “Aventurx Club” loyalty program will start on 01/04/2024. Loyalty points held by people prior to the start date of the new program will be retained and recalculated.

To generate points, simply show your barcode at the checkout or, in the case of online purchases, enter your email at check-out.


Users will get 10 points for every euro spent in-store or online.

Example: a purchase worth €50 will generate 500 loyalty points.


Within Aventurx Club there are levels that can be unlocked through the cumulative spending made by a person. Each level, except the basic level, has a point multiplier increase and unique benefits.

Level scheme:

  • Level 0 → No advantages and points with 1x multiplier
  • Level 1 (Novice) - €500 → No perks and 1.1x multiplier
  • Level 2 (Expert) - €900 → Preview offers (Early access) and 1.2x multiplier
  • Level 3 (Daredevil) - €1500 → Physical card, exclusive stocks, free shipping on everything and 1.5x multiplier
  • Level 4 (Pioneer) - €4000 → live events and 1.5x multiplier

Using points:

The accumulated points can unlock immediate discounts.

  • 2000 pts - €5 discount
  • 3500 pts - €10 discount
  • 5000 pts - €20 discount

There is no minimum spend to use the generated discount, discount vouchers cannot be combined.

Invite a friend:

If you invite a friend to join Aventurx Club you receive 150 points after they place their first order.


  • In the event of a return or exchange of product, the points generated will be reassigned or eliminated.
  • The points have an annual expiry date .
  • Referal program: points will be awarded upon payment of the order
  • The discount vouchers cannot be combined but do not have a minimum spending