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Alpinestars GP PRO R3 leather glove - Black White Red

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Alpinestars GP PRO R3 Racing Gloves

Main features:

Alpinestars racing gloves are designed to offer high-level performance on the track, integrating the best protection and comfort technologies. Below are the main features:

  1. Advanced Protections:

    • Dynamic Friction Shield on Cuff: Dynamic friction protection on the cuff.
    • Rigid Knuckle Protection: Rigid element for knuckle protection.
    • TPU Protections on the Fingers: Thermoplastic polyurethane protections on the fingers.
    • Aramid Fiber Inserts on the Back of the Hand: Aramid fiber reinforcements for greater resistance.
  2. High Quality Materials:

    • Made of bovine, goat and kangaroo leather to ensure resistance and flexibility.
  3. Localized Perforations:

    • Localized perforations for optimal ventilation and comfort while riding.
  4. Anti-torsion and anti-separation design:

    • Gusset between ring finger and little finger to prevent anti-torsion and anti-separation.
  5. Double Lock:

    • Double Velcro and strap closure for a secure, personalized fit.
  6. Soft Padding on Fingers:

    • Soft padding on fingers for additional comfort while riding.
  7. External Seams and Bellows Inserts:

    • External seams and accordion inserts on fingers and top of hand for greater flexibility and comfort.


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