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Airbag vest for Dainese Smart Jacket motorcycles

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  • Maximum Road Safety: The Dainese Smart Jacket Airbag Vest for motorcycles offers the maximum level of safety on the road, guaranteeing your protection in every situation.

  • Advanced D-Air® Technology: Equipped with the D-Air® intelligent sensing system, this vest constantly monitors your movements on the motorcycle and activates the airbag in fractions of a second in an emergency.

  • Instant and Complete Protection: D-Air® technology ensures instant and complete protection, wrapping your torso with a highly resistant air cushion.

  • Ergonomic Design: Designed by Dainese, a leader in the motorcycle equipment industry, the vest combines advanced technology with an ergonomic design to ensure comfort and protection.

  • Optimal Fit: Made from high-quality materials, the vest offers optimal comfort while riding, with a snug fit and a slim profile for total freedom of movement.

  • Easy to Put on and Remove: Thanks to its lightweight and flexible construction, the vest is easy to put on and remove, offering convenience without compromising style.

  • Invest in your well-being on the road: Order the Dainese Smart Jacket Airbag Vest now and invest in your safety on the road with one of the most advanced devices available on the market.

  • Reliability, Comfort and Style: Face the roads with confidence, combining reliability, comfort and style in a single innovative solution: Dainese Smart Jacket, your instant protection against the unexpected on the road.


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