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Alpinestars GP PLUS R V3 RIDEKNIT LEATHER men's leather motorcycle jacket Black White Red

€429,99 €495,95

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The Alpinestars GP PLUS R V3 RIDEKNIT leather jacket is a piece of clothing designed for motorcyclists looking for a combination of style, comfort and advanced safety, thanks to compatibility with the Tech Air 5 airbag system.

  1. Design and Style :

    • The jacket features a sporty and modern design, with an attractive aesthetic designed for motorcyclists who appreciate the dynamic and technical look.
  2. Construction Materials :

    • High Quality Leather : The upper is made of high quality leather, which offers a combination of flexibility, durability and protection.
  3. Safety Technology - Compatibility with Tech Air 5 :

    • A standout feature of this jacket is its compatibility with Alpinestars' Tech Air 5 airbag system. This system offers advanced and rapid protection in the event of a fall or impact.
  4. RIDEKNIT fabric :

    • The jacket features RIDEKNIT fabric inserts, which offers greater flexibility and comfort in key areas such as the shoulders and arms.
  5. Ventilation and Breathability :

    • There are strategically placed ventilation openings to ensure good air circulation and keep you cool while riding.
  6. Adjustments and Fit :

    • The jacket features several adjustments to ensure a customized fit. This includes adjustments at the sleeves and waist.
  7. Security Certifications :

    • The jacket can be certified according to safety standards for motorcycle clothing.
  8. Multipurpose Style :

    • The jacket is designed to suit a variety of riding styles, ranging from touring to sporty trail riding.

In conclusion, the Alpinestars GP PLUS R V3 RIDEKNIT jacket is a right choice for motorcyclists looking for an item of clothing that combines style, comfort and advanced safety thanks to compatibility with the Tech Air 5 airbag system.


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