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Demi Jet Cgm 169G ILLI SPORT GRAPHITE ECE 22.06 Black Yellow motorcycle helmet

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The Demi Jet Double Visor 169G ILLI helmet is an innovative creation in the world of motorcycle accessories. It is a "demi jet" type helmet, i.e. with a shape that partially covers the face, while still guaranteeing good protection.

The distinctive feature of this helmet is the presence of a double visor. The first, external , extends to cover the chin, with a predisposition for a PINLOCK lens, offering optimal protection against wind, insects and other debris that may be present while driving. The second visor, internal, is a dark sun visor that folds down easily operated by rotating the left helmet plate to protect from intense sun rays.

The design of the Demi Jet Double Visor 169 Illi helmet is modern and elegant, with clean lines and an aerodynamic shape that makes it suitable for both daily use in the city and for short trips out of town. The outer shell is made of high-quality materials that offer good impact resistance, ensuring reliable protection.

Inside, the helmet is equipped with comfortable and breathable padding that ensures a comfortable fit even during long journeys. The padding is removable and washable, allowing for easy cleaning to keep the helmet always fresh and hygienic.

The closure system is reliable and secure, ensuring that the helmet remains securely in place while riding. Furthermore, there are adequate air intakes and extractors which promote good air circulation, contributing to the rider's comfort even on the hottest days.

Ultimately, the 169 ILLI Double Visor Demi Jet helmet combines style, comfort and safety in a single solution, making it an excellent choice for motorcyclists looking for a versatile and reliable helmet.

Homologation: ECE 22.06.


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