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Protective spray for fairings and metal parts of the bike - Hydrophobic and UV protection MUC-OFF


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MUC-OFF is a company specialized in the production of products for the care and maintenance of bicycles, motorcycles and motor vehicles. One of their products is a protective spray for motorcycle fairings and metal parts, which offers both hydrophobic properties and UV protection.

This protective spray is designed to create a protective barrier on the motorcycle's surface, which repels water and protects against corrosion caused by moisture. Its hydrophobic formulation helps prevent dirt, dust and road residue from accumulating on the bike, making it easier to clean and maintain.

In addition, the MUC-OFF product also offers UV protection. Ultraviolet rays can cause color fading and deterioration of surfaces exposed to sunlight. This protective spray helps protect the paintwork, fairings and metal parts of the motorcycle from damage caused by UV rays, maintaining the original appearance for a longer period.


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