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CellularLine U-COM 6R x2 intercom (for two helmets)

€269,99 €299,00

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The U-com 6R intercom is equipped with the new Bluetooth 5.2 technology, which offers a stable and fast connection for communication as a couple. It can be used both for communication between rider and passenger, and for motorcycle-to-bike communication, reaching a maximum distance of 1 km.

A particular feature of this intercom is its total compatibility with all Sena, TFT, GPS and OEM systems from the main helmet manufacturers on the market. This makes it an ideal companion for all motorcycle adventures.

The 32mm HD speakers guarantee excellent audio quality, with deep and enveloping bass. You will therefore be able to listen to your favorite playlists even during a conversation without problems. Furthermore, the battery offers excellent performance, lasting up to 15 hours in intercom mode.

Another distinctive feature of this model is its total removability. You can easily install it on all your favorite helmets thanks to the supplied adhesive or clamp brackets. Furthermore, the multi-button design allows for maximum usability, even when wearing gloves.

The U-com 6R intercom is therefore a complete and high quality device, which offers all the functions necessary for clear and comfortable communication on a motorbike, making every journey an even more pleasant experience.


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