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SIX2 KIT PRO SM9 Protective Vest - Black

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The KIT PRO SM9 is a protective vest designed to offer comfort and safety in various sporting activities, particularly focused on breathability, thermoregulation and protection.

  1. Material : The vest is made of Reinforced Carbon Underwear, a fabric that offers the breathability and thermoregulation qualities typical of Carbon Underwear, but with an increased consistency to support the protections and keep them stable.
  2. Back Protector : A back protector is included which is attached to the vest via a rear pocket raised from the central back area for improved ventilation. A lap strap with hook-and-loop closure keeps the back protector in place.

  3. Ventilated harness : The harness is CE approved, easily adjustable or removable thanks to the hook and loop fastener. It is designed to be compatible with any type of Neck Brace.

  4. SAS-TEC fabric : SAS-TEC protectors are integrated into the product, offering safety and freedom of movement. The protectors are strategically placed at crucial points of the body. They are soft and comfortable under normal conditions but become stiff upon impact to absorb energy.

  5. Technological innovations : The material of the protectors combines chemistry and advanced engineering to create a high-performance shock absorption system. Molecules flow freely under normal conditions, become rigid upon impact, and immediately return to their flexible state after energy is absorbed.

  6. Thermoregulation and breathability : SIXS products, including those in the Pro Tech line, are designed to offer excellent thermoregulation and breathability, making the garment ideal for those seeking comfort and protection in a single product.

The SM9 PRO KIT is designed to provide a complete solution for sports enthusiasts who require both comfort and safety during physical activity.


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