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CellularLine U-COM 3 intercom

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The U-COM3 intercom is an advanced device equipped with Bluetooth® 5.1 technology, which guarantees a stable and reliable connection. It is specially designed for communications while riding a motorcycle, providing a flawless communication experience.

The U-COM3 intercom features 32mm HD speakers that produce high-quality sound with exceptional bass reproduction. This allows anyone using the intercom to enjoy clear, crisp audio quality during conversations.

The most impressive feature of the U-COM3 is its ability to communicate both with a passenger on the same motorcycle and with other motorcycles up to 500 meters away. This allows groups of motorcyclists to remain connected even over long distances, improving safety and coordination between participants.

In addition, the U-COM3 intercom is equipped with noise reduction technology, which helps eliminate unwanted sounds and improve the quality of communication. This allows you to have clear and understandable conversations even in noisy or high-speed environments.

The U-COM3 also features intuitive controls, allowing you to answer calls, manage music playback and adjust volume with ease. It is also possible to connect the intercom to your smartphone via Bluetooth® to access other features such as listening to streaming music or navigating via voice directions.

Finally, the U-COM3 has a compact and durable design, with a long-lasting battery that allows for long hours of use. It is compatible with most helmets and can be easily mounted thanks to its secure attachment system.

In summary, the U-COM3 intercom is an excellent choice for motorcyclists who want clear and reliable communication during their travels. With its Bluetooth® 5.1 technology, high-quality HD speakers and a maximum communication distance of 500 meters, the U-COM3 offers an advanced and satisfying communication experience.


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