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Salomon S-VIEW SIGMA WHITE MOSS ski/snowboard mask

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The Salomon goggle, designed specifically for skiers looking for style and high-quality performance, represents a perfect combination of superior lenses and an elegant design that adapts perfectly to the face. The modern minimalist frame, combined with Salomon's exclusive lens technology, offers a wide field of vision and amplified contrast, allowing you to easily distinguish variations in the terrain while skiing.

- Lens: Sigma white moss
- *Coating:* Multilayer
- *Color of filter treatment: Pink Red
- *Weather conditions: partly cloudy
- Breathability: Medium
- Field of vision: Extended
- Weight: 100g
- Extra lens: No
- Fit: Medium to small
- Lens shape: Cylindrical

Lens Technologies:
- SIGMA™ - Enhances contrast: Amplifies depth and offers extraordinary color contrast in any light condition.
- 100% UV filter: Protects your eyes from damage caused by the sun.

Design and Comfort:
- Extended field of vision: Modern and minimalist frame for a wide field of vision without compromising style.
- Amplified contrast and definition: SIGMA™ lens technology guarantees extraordinary contrast in any weather condition.
- No more fogging: Optimized ventilation for clear vision even on foggy days.

SIGMA Technology:
- Innovative Salomon lens solution that amplifies the color contrast on the snow, distinguishing variations in the terrain in different light conditions.

- Strap Adjustment: Double slide hook adjustment for a custom fit.
- Microfibre mask holder: Practical for storing the mask and cleaning the lenses.

Comfort and Safety:
- Wide Vision field of vision: Excellent visibility thanks to the low profile structure.
- Double intensity fit foam: Soft and comfortable polyurethane foam with velvet layer for a pleasant contact with the skin.
- Lens Interchangeability: Quickly replace the lens based on conditions.
- Fogging control: Airflow system for maximum ventilation.
- Strap with silicone coating: Safe and homogeneous grip on the helmet.
- Helmet integration: Helmet compatible for a perfect fit and optimal air circulation.


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