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BERIK TX-2 motorcycle gloves - Black

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The BERIK TX-2 motorcycle gloves are designed to offer a combination of comfort and protection.

  1. Material:

    • 0.6-0.8mm Full Goatskin: Indicates a high-quality material, offering strength and flexibility.
    • Clarino on palm for anti-abrasion and extra grip: Clarino is a synthetic material designed to be resistant to abrasion and provide extra grip.
  2. Protections:

    • Hard Carbon Knuckle Protection: Hard carbon protected knuckles provide extra resistance in case of impacts.
    • Finger and Wrist Protection: Indicates that the gloves offer extended coverage to the fingers and wrist for added safety.
    • Hard plastic processed on the palm: Additional protection on the inside of the hand.
  3. Design and Comfort:

    • Velcro cuffs: The presence of Velcro closures allows for a personalized and secure fit.
    • Pre-curved finger for maximum comfort: The pre-curved design adapts to the natural shape of the hands for greater comfort while driving.
  4. Certification:

    • STANDARD EN 13594:2015: Indicates that the gloves comply with a specific European standard for protective gloves for motorcyclists.


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