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Macna MUNDIAL 3-layer touring motorcycle jacket Light gray Red

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The Mundial Jacket is a garment designed to offer high performance and versatility in a variety of weather conditions.

  1. Touring Design and Cut : The Macna Mundial jacket is designed with a touring cut, offering a wide fit and comfort to allow for long periods of riding in variable conditions.
  2. 3 Removable Layers : A distinctive feature of this jacket is the presence of three removable layers, these include:

    • External Layer : Made with materials resistant to abrasion and adverse weather conditions, this layer protects the rider from atmospheric agents and from possible abrasions in the event of a fall.
    • Removable Duvet Cover : An internal duvet that provides additional thermal insulation. It can be removed when not needed or if temperatures rise.
    • Raintex Membrane : A waterproof or water-resistant membrane that protects the rider from rain and wind. This can also be removed in dry weather.
  3. Protections : The jacket is equipped with integrated shoulder and elbow protectors to ensure full safety of the rider. These protectors are made of technical materials that offer a combination of flexibility and safety.

  4. Adjustable Ventilation : Despite being a touring jacket, the Macna Mundial can have adjustable ventilation systems to allow the rider to manage internal temperature when riding in variable conditions or during periods of intense physical exertion.

  5. Pockets and Compartments : There are pockets and compartments to allow the rider to carry small personal items safely while riding.

  6. Zippers and Closures : Uses high quality zippers and closures to ensure a secure and durable closure.

  7. Compatibility with Other Equipment : The jacket is designed to be worn in combination with other protective equipment such as a back protector and motorcycle trousers.

  8. Design and Style : In addition to technical functionality, the jacket is designed with attention to style and appearance. It can include graphic elements or design details that contribute to the tourist and functional appearance.

The Mundial jacket therefore offers a versatile and functional solution for motorcyclists who face a variety of weather conditions on their journeys. With its removable layers, it allows the rider to quickly adapt to changing weather needs.


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