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Tucano Urbano rain jacket Tucano Urbano Jacket and Trousers IF IT RAINS Black

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The Tucano Urbano Sepiove rain jacket and trousers are the ideal equipment to face adverse weather conditions safely and comfortably. Carefully designed to ensure protection from rain and wind, these garments offer reliable performance for lovers of two wheels.

Main features:

High Quality Rainproof Fabric : The Sepiove jacket and trousers are made with high quality waterproof fabrics, which offer an effective barrier against rain. These materials are highly water resistant, keeping the user dry even in the most adverse conditions.

Optimized Breathability : Despite their ability to repel water from the outside, these garments are designed to allow the body to breathe. This means that the moisture generated by the body is dispersed outwards, keeping the body dry and comfortable.

Adjustable Closures : Both Sepiove jackets and trousers feature adjustable closures that allow you to tailor the fit to your personal preferences. This ensures a comfortable and secure fit while riding.

Reflectivity for Greater Visibility : Both the jacket and trousers feature reflective elements that improve the user's visibility in low light or heavy rain conditions. This feature is essential for the safety of the motorcyclist.

Practicality and Functionality : Both garments are designed to be easy to put on and take off, offering a convenient solution for dealing with sudden changes in weather. They are lightweight and easy to store, perfect for riders who need rain protection without the bulk.

Trusted Brand : Tucano Urbano is a well-known and respected brand in the world of motorcycle clothing, with a solid reputation for the quality of its products and attention to detail.

With the Tucano Urbano Sepiove rain jacket and trousers, motorcyclists can face any weather condition with confidence. These garments offer a combination of reliable protection, comfort and practicality, ensuring a safe and pleasant ride even in the rain.


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